“Do The Basics Better”

a sales guide for the small business owner.

Mir Strategic Solutions is happy to donate 100% of the revenue for the book “Do the Basics Better”, a sales guide for the small business owner to Friends of South Florida Autism.

A message from Jose “Joe” Mir:

My purpose for writing this book was twofold.  One was to share what I learned in sales and marketing working for 3 Fortune 500 companies for 30+ years.  These companies had world class training and benchmark processes not affordable or available to the small business owner.  After 3 years in the consulting world for smaller companies, it has become clearer that “Doing the Basics Better” is what will help the small company be successful.  Just like in football, the team that excels in “blocking and tackling” wins the game!  Hopefully, this book will help you grow your business and provide you future success.

Second, is to create an opportunity for our special adults to sort, pack and ship these books to you.

Fostering independent living skills, as well as vocational skills training, is critical in giving them a purpose and building their self-esteem.

For only a donation of $20.00 or more, you will receive my book which will be packed and shipped from the Friends of South Florida Autism Center.  Thank you!

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